One of the Most Portable High Speed Pro Cameras I’ve Seen


World’s top beachfront hotels | International | Travel | Toronto Sun


10 Stunning Photos of a Piece of Black Paper

A collection of great shoots using the old school dodge technique with a black card on the new school CCD sensor of a DSLR.

Survey illustrates iPad’s effect on PC market


Looks like the iPad is having quite an effect…on PC users.


Let the social games (war) commence


So this is one way that Google is going after social that i wasn’t aware of.


Google Latitude has been around since 2009 but perhaps it will get a spruce up and a push given the recent memo by Larry Page and the +1 update

The only obstacle i can see straight off is that people will need to set up a Google profile. Only one of my friends has one…

Google has a way to go to chase down Facebook and their social media track record is pretty checkered.


Matthew Stewart

Just desserts

If I run 5 km can I have chocolate cake for breakfast?

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My Photos – NYC Skyline


I just posted this photo on Facebook. It’s part of my project365, taking a photo everyday for a year. You can also check out my photo stream over at Flickr too.

Matthew Stewart